Partnership with co2tieferlegen

With people on the go more than ever before, mobility expectations have never been higher. Mobility-based services must be efficient, reliable, safe, of high quality, fast and enjoyable. In many ways, the oil industry already covers these needs. It not only supplies fuel, but also, with its petrol stations, provides a network of service centres that cater to everyday mobility. As a mobility service provider, the oil industry is responsible for taking part in discussions regarding the mobility of tomorrow. The Swiss Oil Industry Association has therefore been a partner of co2tieferlegen, the EnergieSchweiz campaign aimed at promoting energy-efficient vehicles, ever since the campaign was launched. To meet the co2tieferlegen criteria, passenger cars must emit a maximum of 95g of CO2, and belong to energy efficiency category A or B.

“In today’s world, energy must be handled with the utmost care. This is true for all energy sources, especially limited resources such as oil. co2tieferlegen is a technologically neutral campaign, which makes it all the more realistic. Petrol and diesel are by far the most important fuels, even for energy-efficient vehicles.”

Roland Bilang, Erdöl-Vereinigung (Swiss Oil Association) CEO

App Salon Car Collector

co2tieferlegen is a “presenting partner” at the Geneva International Motor Show, where alwaysinmotion will be featured in conjunction with the “Salon Car Collector” app. The "Salon Car Collector" app allows visitors to the show to photograph and collect energy-efficient cars. And with a little luck, they might just win a new car!